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SketchIt Online HD (beta)

SketchIt Online HD (beta)

SketchIt HD is a fun and free online sketch & guess game like “Pictionary”.

SketchIt HD is a round based multiplayer online game for up to 12 players per game room.
One player has to visualize a given word by drawing a picture while the others are trying to guess it.

Its gameplay is similar to the classic games “Pictionary” or “iSketch”.

SketchIt HD has a hand-picked dictionary in both english and german.

It currently features 4 different game room modes:
– English (players have to find english words)
– German (players have to find german words)
– Mixed (both the english or german word can be guessed)
– Speed Rooms with faster gameplay

SketchIt HD is optimized across all devices and screen sizes up to HD tablet displays (Honeycomb).

A game round lasts 25 minutes, each player’s turn is 2 1/2 minutes.

The drawing player can skip 2 words per round if they seem too difficult to sketch.
Up to 3 hints can be given depending on the word length, although this will reduce the points the drawing player receives per correct guess.

After the first correct guess, the remaining turn time is set to 25 seconds.

SketchIt HD is currently in beta and some features aren’t implemented yet, please check for updates regularly.

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