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Playroom HD

Playroom HD

Overall summary of game (Honeycomb supported version)

See Playroom for free version available on your android phone.
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Playroom is an interactive game that teaches preschool kids common survival skills like telling time, counting change, spelling and more. The game is composed of several mini games that you can explore in the playroom. The user interface is customized for a boy or girl. To make things even more interesting, the games are timed and high scores are stored in a local db on your device. Have fun learning, and challenge your sibling or parent to see if they can beat your high score!

Games have field tested with 4 year olds, teenagers, and grandparents. All ages have found it hard to give up the phone. Small kids will learn new skills, grade schoolers will get refined skills, and adults will struggle to beat their kids high scores.

Survival Activities
Bigger Number – this mini game is focused on identifying the bigger number in a set of three numbers.
Tell Time – read the digital clock and move the hands on the analog clock to match
Word Match – choose the image that matches the displayed word from a list of 4 other images.
Spell – for the given image, unscramble the letters to spell the word
Count Change – add up the nickels, pennies, dimes and quarters. Then select the correct value from three different buttons
Count – for a given number, press the number of squares that match the number. If you make a mistake check your math.
ToyStore – learn how to use denominations of money to pay for new toys. You will get to buy toys with $1, 2$, and $3 bills. Different combinations work, can you find the optimal mix?
Simple Math – practice addition and subtraction
Patterns – can you find this new mini game?

Other features
Scoreboard – the scoreboard is where you can see who has the high score for all the games, or filter by game. See who the playroom champ in your family!

Configurable Game Rounds – Feeling up to a new challenge? You can choose up to 15 rounds per game, all configured from the menu.

In Game Coach – enjoy the games with either a boy or girl, who will give you instructions, cheer for you and encourage you to try again if you make a mistake.

Cool sound effects adjustable by the buttons on your phone and integrated help within each game give you the tools necessary to master the mini games.

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