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[Lite]Yoo's Life&death(Tablet)

[Lite]Yoo’s Life&death(Tablet)

Welcome to Yoo Changhyuk’s Life and death classes!

You can learn Go from beginning to advance level in Yoo Changhyuk’s Life and death classes.
You also can compete for the ranking with all nation friends. We hope you enjoy the game.

1. Progressive learning
Beginning, intermediate, advance – Total 6 stages

2. Confirming the grade
You can confirm your Life and death abilities systematically.

3. Ranking
Compete your Life and death abilities with all nation Go players.

4. For your information
Questions are supervised and explained byYoo Changhyuk’s Go studio.

– Lite version 30 problems of each level
– Beginner, intermediate and advanced, each providing a total of 600 problems (300 problems per-level)
– Full version offers a total 1800 problems

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