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Virtual DJ Turntable

Virtual DJ Turntable

DJ Turntable Emulator with accurate pitch / speed control!

With +/- 20% Pitch Control and a 3-Band Equalizer, you can use your phone or tablet in place of a turntable or CDJ! Just plug your device into a DJ mixer, select a song, and start beatmatching with big, responsive, and inuitive controls. With two devices you can spin all your music completely digitally!

-> +/- 20% Pitch Control with Pitch Bending Support
-> 3-Band Equalizer with Kill and Reset Switches
-> Fast, Reactive, and Intuitive DJ Controls
-> Intuitive Music Selector
-> Background Audio Process Ensures Uninterrupted Performance
-> Universal Interface for Tablets & Phones
-> Scales properly in Landscape and Portrait
-> Change Orientation options tab to prevent accidental control re-arranging
-> Works in Gingerbread & Honeycomb!
-> Works just like your favorite DJ tool: CDJ, Technics, Traktor, Serato, Final Scratch, Ableton, etc.

Simply hook up your headphone jack to a line-in on your mixer, then DJ with tracks from your device while being able to control Seeking, Playback, and working +/- 20% Pitch! Virtual DJ Turntable is fast and efficient.

Virtual DJ Turntable can mute all other audio sources to prevent embarrassing audio interference and unmutes them on exit. The back button is disabled to prevent accidental closure, use the menu button to close the app. The music is played in the background service to prevent accidental closures.

It is strongly suggested that the user enable Airplane Mode and mute all other audio sources before a DJ performance to prevent accidental phone interactions, audio interruptions, and increase performance. This can be done in the options tab.

Many more updates, features, and improvements to come! Please provide suggestions and feedback!

Virtual DJ Turntable is not affiliated with DJ Studio, Pocket DJ, or Droid DJ.

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