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Fireworks Over St Louis LWP

Fireworks Over St Louis LWP

Watch the fireworks and listen to them go Boom… A nice interactive experience.

Welcome and enjoy your visit to this wonderful computer generated fireworks display live wallpaper made specifically for your honeycomb tablet. This nice interactive live wallpaper also has support for sound but will not put a drain on your battery. Simply tap the screen to listed to a nice sound of fireworks. Perfect for all them pyrotechs and pyro maniacs out there.

This live wallpaper also features a nice scenic view with computer generated water reflection and waves with ripples.


*Tap the screen to hear the fireworks sound
*settings screen to turn sounds off/on
*settings for frames per second
*nice computer generated fireworks display
*app2sd card support, move back to the device before setting though.
*A nice high quality live wallpaper for your enjoyment.
*easy instructions for new people with a LWP Picker shortcut button

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