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Lock 8 Pro

Lock 8 Pro

Lock 8 is a custom lockscreen that is simple, elegant and fast. It replaces your original lockscreen with this brilliant-looking lockscreen!


-Set a password lock, to secure your device from anonymous use!
-Automatically enable the lockscreen when the device is booted.
-Contains indicators that notifies you of different things on your device (eg: Battery level, bluetooth).
-Set the background to a system background, solid color, or transparent.
-Change icon and text colors!
– More to be added soon!

To do:
-Picture Password.
-More secure.
-add more indicators (e.g: GMail).

*This app is in Beta stage, it may contain bugs. This app has been tested on a number of devices, and it performed as desired.

*If you find a bug/glitch, please contact me through my email with enough info (A logcat is recommended).

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