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wp clock

wp clock

wp clock is a beautiful live wallpaper that shows you the time, date wlan SSID.

///pls be sure that your device supports live wallpapers and your launchers let them work before you buy!

install: menu > wallpaper > LIVE wallpapers > wp clock – it will CRASH otherwise!

wp clock is a beautiful design live wallpaper that shows you the current time, date, battery status (1% steps if supported by OS) & the wifi SSID (if available).
*12/24h support;
*choose own background from gallery on your SD-CARD;
*play background slideshows;
*download optimized free backgrounds from the web;
*displayed on locked & unlocked screen (if supported);
*adjustable font & bg color;
*adjustable transparency;
*very energy efficient!;
*smooth scrolling backdound;
*the flags are not included! you can download them from on the settings screen;

– higher battery drain or lags may be caused by some launchers – please ask your launcher developer;

troubleshooting download issues:

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