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HC Image Resizer-Free Editor

HC Image Resizer-Free Editor

Reduce Photo Size at your Honeycomb tablets. Take picture with camera & Edit.

Reduce photo size on your Honey Comb Tablets. Take picture with camera with rotate feature. Its Image resizing App!
Its not a theme or a wallpaper, its photo editing App!
You can resize any sized image in your Honey Comb tablets now.
Can take the instant pictures by Camera and resize, crop and save.

Key Features:
1. Set dimensions in pixels
2. Set the image quality %
3. Rotate along 90 degree
4. Mirror on 180 degree
5. Can take the instant picture by Camera
6. Save using PNG or JPEG
7. Saves the new images in a folder named “Resize” on the memory card
8. Send & Share options are added
9. Croping feature
10. Effects to set the brightness, fading and color contrast etc.
11. Beautiful interface.

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