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Distilleria G. Bertagnolli

Distilleria G. Bertagnolli

Catalogue of products for sale including the award-winning distillery G. Bertagnolli of prizes and approximate prices.
Each alarm system can be purchased directly from the site

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History, Tradition and Culture in each Grappa Bertagnolli bottle
An aristocratic dynasty for Grappa Bertagnolli

The origin of Premiata Distilleria G. Bertagnolli dates back to 1870 when the rich landowner of one of the largest wineries in the Piana Rotaliana Giulia de Kreutzenberg married Edoardo Bertagnolli, forebear of the family and heir to an established pharmaceutical business.

Giulia’s passion combined with Edoardo’s experience in the use of stills for distilling using the ” water bath” method resulted in the production of distillates of excellent quality. Very soon thereafter, in 1886 the Distilleria Bertagnolli earned the award of Official Supplier to the Augsburg Imperial Family as it’s proved by a medal, miraculously escaped a wildfire wherein a noteworthy collection of medals and most of the historical documents have been lost.

The Distillery is located in the Piana Rotaliana, a landscape described by Dante as the ” most beautiful vineyard in Europe”, where there is the ideal climate to grow precious and aromatic grapes. From this grapes, Bertagnolli obtains Grappa rich in flavour and taste.

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