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CheckIn (Facebook check-ins)

CheckIn (Facebook check-ins)

Check in to Facebook fast, or automatically!

Check into Facebook Places with two quick taps, or check in automatically to places with wifi!

• CheckIn opens immediately to a list of nearby places, which you can check in to with just one tap.
• Includes an undo button for removing your latest check-in from Facebook.
• Add places to your list of favorites for easier access, and so you don’t have to wait for a location fix.
• Automatically check into your favorites by turning on auto check-ins. Your device will periodically check your location and check you in when you’re in range of a favorite without you touching your phone.

• IMPORTANT: Automatic check-ins only work reliably for places with wifi in range.

Note: Download problems are usually because Google Checkout failed to authorize your card. Email us if you have any trouble with the download, and we’ll make sure it’s fixed.

We respond to all e-mail! Contact us with any issues or questions and we’ll make sure you’re satisfied.

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