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facedroid (Tablet Facebook)

facedroid (Tablet Facebook)

The best way to access Facebook on your Android tablet!
facedroid is an easy, intuitive and fun application designed specifically for Android tablets*, taking full advantage of this powerful new operating system and the larger screen sizes AND includes realtime chat!
*****Available now for $1.49 as an introductory special but will increase to $1.99 from February 1st & revert to the regular price of $2.49 from February 1st 2012, so buy it now and give us your feedback to help us make facedroid the best Facebook tablet app on the Android Market*****
ISSUES? APP NOT DOWNLOADING/INSTALLING OR DISPLAYS A LICENSING ERROR? NEED TECHNICAL SUPPORT OR HAVE SUGGESTIONS ON HOW TO MAKE THE APP BETTER? Please e-mail us on so we can help get these resolved as quickly as possible. WE READ AND RESPOND TO ALL SUPPORT REQUESTS so please e-mail us if you need any help. If you just leave a review we can’t respond so please e-mail.
Here’s what people are saying about facedroid:
5 stars: “Fantastic on the Xoom wi-fi. This app is fantastic and finally I am proud to show my iPad loving mates how Facebook looks on an Android Tablet! Finally a FB app that looks good on honeycomb. Also the development company are very responsive on email. Pleased I got this today!” Jamie
5 stars: “All I can say that this is the best apps in the market.Totally better than the Facebook for android!It is running superbly on my Tab 10.1 (Honeycomb). Platinum support team did a great job especially fast response to issues and managed to fixed all the issues reported previously. Totally happy with the supports given and this apps is totally kick ass! To all the users out there,just buy it and you will never regret!” Danny
5 stars: “best facebook app yet. very nice layout and very smooth. takes advantage of the extra space on my xoom compared to the basic facebook app. well worth the 99cents.” Eric
5 stars: “Luv It. Must say this is the best facebook for tablet and knocks friendcaster and native app out the water. You get the full facebook experience without the app needing to open facebook in browser to message or anything. Asus transformer.” Tez
5 stars: The best facebook app for tablets. Buy it now and support a great developer. Quick response from developer on any issue and you can tell they want to deliver the best facebook experience on any tablet. Damon
5 stars: “Muy buena Recomendable. Totalmente optimizada.” Juan
5 stars: “Wow! Massive improvement over Facebook’s own app, finally something usable! Many thanks!” LinuxJedi

facedroid brings all the functionality you enjoy on the Facebook website and delivers it to your Android tablet in a way which makes it easy to share and browse everything you enjoy on Facebook, including:
• Share status updates
• Comment, like and tag photos
• See what your friends are doing
• Write on your friends’ walls
• Chat in real-time
• Send and receive messages
• Search/browse your list of friends and check out their info, wall, photos and videos
• See who’s birthday it is & write on their wall
• View and respond to friend requests & event invitations
• Long-press photos to save to device
• Long-press posts to delete (only posts made in facedroid)
Plus, we’re currently working on implementing:
• “Places” (check-in to locations & see where friends are)
• “Pages” (manage your Facebook Pages)
• “Groups” (view & have discussions with others in your groups)
• Multiple account support
• Online friends at top of friends list
• Other exciting additions to make facedroid even more social (and useful).

*optimised for Android Honeycomb 3.0+. Will be updated to ICS 4.0 soon.
IMPORTANT: facedroid is in no way affiliated with Facebook and all Facebook-related trademarks remain with Facebook. facedroid uses the official Facebook API to access content but doesn’t store or have access to any of your login or account information. For further information on this, please e-mail

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