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Tablet Keyboard

Tablet Keyboard

Tablet Keyboard!
-Split Mode for holding tablet!
-Full Size keyboard!

Keyboard designed specifically for Tablets!
Ergonomically designed for the best tablet experience!

-Need to type while holding the tablet? No problem! Convenient Split mode!
-Full Size keyboard with numbers! Just like a computer keyboard!
-extra symbols!
-tab, capslock, enter key just like the keyboard you are used to!

Making your tablet life pretty easy, in a pretty and easy way!

-press the SHIFT key to access the superscripted characters, just like a desktop keyboard
-Switch between full/split mode by pressing the mode switch key on the bottom left!
-CAPSLOCK uppercases alphabet chracters and keeps the numbers normal, just like a desktop keyboard
-please send any feedback/concerns to the developer email below, thanks!

***How to enable keyboard:
1. Open the default application. You will see “Tablet Keyboard” application installed in your application tray.

***How to review app
Apparently, you can’t review/rate market apps on Honeycomb market place app. If you would like to review/rate apps, please open the marketplace on your browser:

Direct Link:

Market Link: (from which you can search for Tablet Keyboard)

*License Disclaimer*
Uses original/modified parts released under Apache 2.0, including, but not limited to:
-Android SoftKeyboard released under Apache 2.0
-Android EULA ( released under Apache 2.0
The full version of the Apache License 2.0 is located at

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