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Glow Hockey Full

Glow Hockey Full

Glow Hockey Multiplayer game is an air hockey look alike game that allows two wifi enabled Android devices to connect and battle it out. Share your tablet or phone screen and play two player on the same device. Also, single player has been added. Share a large tablet screen to enjoy multiplayer glow hockey. Challenge yourself against a human opponent, invite your friends!

+ No ads
+ Single Player AI (first draft)
+ Multiplayer (wifi and same device only)
+ Colorful glow graphics
+ Clean sound effects
+ Smooth and responsive game play
+ Realistic physics
+ Vibrate when touch (if device supports it)
+ Looks great on tablet or small phone devices
+ Extensive game play options
+ Multitouch (Is your phone not multitouch? Let me know)

please send any bug reports to me via email. Then I’ll be able to communicate back with you as far as repair progress. Thank you

Future releases will include multiplayer over Bluetooth.

1.5 (October 20th, 2011):
*Seems this dialog crash issue is with a few phones. I’m hoping this update will fix the issue

1.4 (October 18th, 2011):
*Second attempt to fix dialog crash issue.
*Added first draft of single player AI
*Added Full Version button (buy the game) :) Don’t forget to support this game. Thank you

1.3 (October 16th, 2011):
*User reported crash when trying to start dialog. This is the first attempt to fix the issue

1.2 (October 14th, 2011):
*Built in multiplayer on same device
*Bug fixed when loading options screen
*Started on single player AI but not yet deployed

1.0 (October 5th, 2011):
*First release

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