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Chess Time – Multiplayer Chess

Chess Time – Free Multiplayer Chess!
Cross Platform with iOS
Android Tablet Supported!
In-Game Chat!
Do you like chess? Do you have friends? Do you have friends that like chess? If you
answered yes to any of these questions then Chess Time is FOR YOU!!!!
Chess Time allows you to play chess with your friends on the go and anywhere. Make a
FREE ACCOUNT and invite them to a game! Don’t have any friends? That’s okay because
you can select a random opponent. Chess Time sends push notifications so you will
always be aware of your next moves. It even allows for you to chat with the other
players! Download today FOR FREE!!!!!!
Note to all….
The server will automatically force a resign on the opponent if they have not moved
in 6 days.
You can cancel a game if the user has not moved in 3 days and get the credit for a win.

– Play chess!
– Play against your friends
– Game level chat!
– Account based! (Now guest players / no account needed)
– History of recent games played!
– Rating auto calculated.
– Export your game moves and share with a friend! Standard PGN format for us in PGN

Have friends with iPhones, iPods and iPads? Want to play chess with them? Tell them
to get Chess Time on the App Store! ITS FREE!

This app is also tablet supported! Landscape view with side by side board / chat.

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