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Spot The Difference HD - Free

Spot The Difference HD – Free

Can you spot what’s different? Analyze two similar images and spot 5 differences before time’s up. This is a popular family classic pencil and paper Spot the Difference – Photo hunt (Photohunt) game that basically test and push the powers of your observation to the limits.

VERY addicting Photohunt style game. A great time killer!

Please note: This app is designed for Android Tablet OS 3.x only (Supports multiple screen size: 1024×600 – 1280×800)

– Over 30 sets of images from 3 categories (Full version has 200+ levels). No need internet connection to display photos
– Global Leader Board
– 3 Hints are provided per game to help you find a difference. Try to save Hints for as long as possible because extra Hint Bonus points are awarded for each unused Hint everytime you go to the next level.
– Timer gets faster for each wrong spots made, or on completion of each level
– You will have more points if you play fast and keep 3 hints alive as long as you can.
– Beautiful design and easy to use

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