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Word Search Tab

Word Search Tab 100 Woodlawn

Word Search Tab, the word search app your tablet has been missing!

Word Search Tab is a tablet optimized word search game. Try and complete an unlimited number of puzzles. With over 65,000 words you will never play the same word search puzzle twice. Built from the ground up with tablets running Honeycomb in mind.

Want a challenge? Try the timed word search game play option that pits you against the clock. See if you can find all the words in less than 60 seconds. Each word found gives you more time on the clock.

3 different puzzle sizes available, along with 3 different word list sizes, are available in the game.

Customize the game’s background and text colors.

Optimized for tablets running the Honeycomb version of Android.

-65,000+ word bank
-3 different word list sizes
-3 different puzzle sizes
-Timed word search option
-Tablet optimized
-Configurable background and text colors

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