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FreeCell Solitaire HD

FreeCell Solitaire HD

FreeCell – one of the top solitaires in the world – now on your phone or tablet. With three difficulty levels, clear and nice cards that are readable even on small phone screens and look awesome on HD tablets, infinite undo, score and automatic save make it one of the greatest solitaires in Android Market.
– Build foundations from Ace to King (top right corner),
– You can move more than one card only when you have free cells,
– Within the tableau, cards are built down in sequence and alternating in color.
– Three difficulty levels: medium is classic version with four free cells, easy has 5 free cells and hard only 3,
– Infinite UNDO,
– State is saved and restarted automatically, so you don’t have to worry that something will interrupt your game,
– You can restart the same game to try to beat it.
Try also our Klondike Solitaire HD and Spider Solitaire HD (completely new version of the latter coming soon!).

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