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Solitaire - Tablet Edition

Solitaire – Tablet Edition

Free Tablet Klondike Solitaire Card Game For Android.

Ace Solitaire For Tablets or Large Screens.

Solitaire for tablets brings the addictive card game to your Android device. With a wide landscape view and simple user interface, Solitaire is bound to challenge and entertain you. Be prepared to lose hours of your life, beating–or being beaten at–the game of solitaire. Download Ace Solitaire Tablet Edition Now!

Ace Solitaire Free! Klondike Solitaire card game free for Android. The best card game to play. Check us out and rate our solitaire on appbrain.

Klondike Solitaire, Spider & Freecell solitaire Forty Thieves, Vegas style solitaire, draw one, draw three, diamond playing card games. It’s a great tablet game any way you slice it

The free Klondike solitaire card game requires a lot of patience, skill and intelligence and we’ve got a variety of interesting solitaire variations. Don’t bubble blast your life away! If you don’t drive a tank and you’re not a hero then this is the tablet solitaire for you.

Please give our free tablet solitaire a favorable rating so we can put our energy into making our free solitaire app better. Happy users make us happy! Its time to play! Please take the time to rate our solitaire. Compatible with Archos, Galaxy Tab, Xoom, Nook, and many others.

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