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Blocks Live Wallpaper Pro

Blocks Live Wallpaper Pro

Blocks! The world’s first live wallpaper that turns into a game!

Blocks! is an innovative, two-part application for the Andriod, combining an interactive wallpaper and a game. How does it work? Watch the memorizing live wallpaper and then when you are ready for some more action, just double click the background and jump right into the game. Yes, that easy! And once you are tired of playing the game, simply press the “back” or “home” button it will seamlessly take you back to your home screen. Be cool and get this one-of-a-kind app!
Key Features
Pro – Two games in Landscape
Pro – Custom Background Images
Pro – Custom Background Color
Pro – Custom Tile Colors
Pro – Custom Grid Color
Pro – No advertisements
Pro – Custom Day & Night 100% Customizable Themes

Free – First Live Wallpaper Game & one
Free – Selectable Theme Options
Free – Customizable Speed
Free – Fully Playable Game Experience
Free – VERY low battery footprint
Free – Many Many More!

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